Privacy Policy

currentcare , Rhode Island's statewide health information exchange (HIE), is provided as a service of Rhode Island Quality Institute(RIQI).

currentcare is a service that allows patients to make their medical information available to doctors and other authorized medical professionals through a safe, secure computer network called an electronic Health Information Exchange (HIE). Rhode Island state law* protects the privacy and security of patient health information in currentcare including: · Patients and doctors choose whether or not to participate in currentcare and Participation is strictly voluntary.

·                     Patients may end their participation in currentcare or change who they allow to view their information at any time.

·                     While a patient’s information is in currentcare , it may only be used for treatment purposes, for public health uses allowed by law, and for the administration of the HIE.

·                     A patient can request a copy of their information from currentcare .

·                     A patient can request a Disclosure Report identifying who has accessed their health information in currentcare .

·                     Patients will be notified of a breach of security of currentcare as required by law.

·                     Individuals who violate the Act are subject to civil and criminal penalties.

*The Rhode Island Health Information Exchange Act of 2008